IES is a no-nonsense engineering consultancy that helps organizations implement asset management. We are sengineers, who believe in the power of people behind the technology. That is our approach. And with that approach and our experience, we enable asset management to contribute structurally to business results.


On our 20th anniversary, we became part of AMCL, the world’s largest specialized asset management consultancy. This allows us to offer our clients an even broader range of services and extensive specialist experience. It also enables our sengineers to spread their wings internationally if they wish.


We are currently seeking new talents and experienced professionals!

Vacature Asset management business consultant  Vacature Asset management business consultant

We love working with clients who prioritize the wellbeing of their employees. We believe in building relationships beyond formal meetings and enjoy casual conversations in the coffee corner or on the shop floor just as much. Of course, we understand the temptation to stay behind a computer screen, but at IES we value ‘social innovation’ and strive for personal growth and development. As a sengineer, learning never stops and we embrace continuous improvement to better serve our clients and ourselves.


Working from our home base at BINK36, we serve our clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, and beyond. From smart graduates to experienced asset management experts with diverse interests, we have a team that includes triathletes, sailors, guitarists, a part-time train conductor, and avid festival-goers… We may be a bit unconventional, or at least colorful, but our clients appreciate our integrity, commitment, and expertise. And that is certainly reassuring to hear!BONTE BOEL

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Do you want to work in an environment where taking initiative and creativity is appreciated and encouraged? And do you want to work on challenging projects for interesting clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, and beyond?

If this sounds like a match for you, we’d love to hear from you!