Creating the aligned organisation

Do you feel that you lack control over the governance of your organization? Are you unsure about how your assets contribute to your organizational strategy? Are your budgets not well-founded or transparent? Picture yourself in complete control of your assets and resources, with everyone benefiting from a tailored Asset Management system that meets your current and future needs.


As numerous assets near their technical end-of-life, the challenge of replacing them becomes increasingly significant, but not always straightforward. This can result in significant financial risks. Limited financial resources, both public and private, coupled with restricted breathing room, demand greater efficiency and more effective resource utilization. Additionally, the need for transparency mandates that organizations are able to explain and justify their decisions and choices.

The values of organizations are changing under pressure from stakeholders and the environment. Climate change poses major challenges. Reducing CO2 emissions, transitioning to sustainable energy, and climate adaptation require thoughtful solutions. Environmental requirements are becoming increasingly important for your organization to comply with laws and regulations.

In other words, Asset Management is a complex matter, and a well-designed Asset Management system that fits your organization and is aligned with the your current and future needs is indispensable. This determines how you substantiate your investments in the asset portfolio and the necessary budget for management and maintenance within the decision-making framework of the organization for the short and long term. And how you ensure that the risks associated with your asset portfolio are both visible and manageable.

Drawing upon our expertise, practical experience, and the best practices in Asset Management, we have crafted templates and a reference model for an Asset Management system that incorporates the key components of a well-designed system. This system includes clear roles, corresponding tasks, powers, and responsibilities, all governed effectively. As needed, we use these templates and the reference model so that we can help you set up and improve your Asset Management system that is in line with organizational goals. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Our experienced consultants work with you to implement the solutions to achieve the desired results.

Do you want to make the best choices for setting up the Asset Management system for your organization, taking into account the value of the assets, alignment with the organizational strategy, and the continuously changing environment? We can help you.



  • An Asset Management system that allows you to steer effective and make well-founded decisions.
  • In control of the added value of your capital-intensive assets.
  • A transparent translation of the organizational objectives for assets and business processes (the line of sight).
  • Everyone experiences the added value of Asset Management in their daily work.


A collaboration with IES? We work with you to establish a common goal based on your requirements, and our approach is always tailored to your unique situation. Our philosophy emphasizes the importance of the people behind the technology, and we aim to achieve lasting change within your organization by prioritizing the human element.


  • Asset Intensive Business Operating Model (AIBOM) – a reference model for an Asset Management system, based on best practices
  • Asset Management policy
  • Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP)
  • Asset Management governance structure
  • Strategic risk framework and decision-making criteria
  • KPI model
  • Multi-year investment and maintenance planning
  • End of Life decision-making model

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