Your organization is considering – or has decided – to start working on Asset Management. But does everyone have a clear understanding of what it means and the added value it can bring? Are employees equipped with the necessary skills and tools to ensure the success of your Asset Management strategy? Do they have the right knowledge and expertise about their own role and responsibilities, as well as their position in the bigger picture?


In the Asset Management system, there are four key roles: asset owner, asset manager, service provider, and asset user. Each role has specific tasks, powers, responsibilities, and required knowledge and competencies. It’s essential to have the necessary knowledge and competencies for these roles and their functions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the scope, opportunities, and benefits of Asset Management and realize its added value in practice.

Training and guidance provide employees with insight into the reasons for implementing or further developing Asset Management and provide a clear explanation of the Asset Management principles placed in the context of the organization. After all, a common understanding starts with using the same language and definitions. Understanding each person’s role and responsibility within the Asset Management system promotes mutual understanding, which enhances collaboration.


The 5-day “IAM Certificate in Asset Management”
Are you looking to thoroughly prepare for the IAM “Certificate in Asset Management” exam, or do you need a refresher? If so, we invite you to attend our comprehensive 5-day training program. In collaboration with Outvie, we offer this training as a
public course. If you prefer an in-house option we tailor it to meet the specific needs of your organization. I want to know more.

Don’t have time for a classroom training? This program is also available as an interactive e-learning course.


The 4-day “IAM Diploma in Asset Management”

Align long-term investment and maintenance strategies with corporate strategy? Obtain the IAM-Diploma in Asset Management with this 4-day training.

Please note! If you want to take this training, knowledge of the IAM Certificate is required.

In collaboration with Outvie, we offer this training as a public course. If you prefer an in-house option we tailor it to meet the specific needs of your organization. I want to know more.

E-learning ‘IAM Certificate in Asset Management’
If you are looking to prepare for the “IAM Certificate in Asset Management” exam, but don’t have the time or desire to attend an extensive classroom training, our e-learning course is the perfect solution for you. We collaborated with the Swiss railway SBB to develop this program, and you can access it
directly through our web shop.

Specific 1- and 2-day Asset Management trainings, workshops (in-house)
IES offers various customized in-house trainings. From individual workshops to multi-day trainings for different target groups, such as:

  • a 1-day Asset Management training for managers
  • a 2-day basic Asset Management training (abbreviated version of the IAM Certificate training without exam)
  • a management game about decision-making
  • an Asset Management Theater
  • a training program focused on fostering collaboration within Asset Management roles

Personalized coaching and guidance
Coaching and guidance provides extra attention to individuals who may require it, particularly when transitioning into a new role. We customize our approach to meet your unique needs.

I want to know more.

Every participant has a personal learning need, which is why we pay close attention to specific questions and input from their own knowledge and experiences. We alternate theoretical frameworks, models, and methodologies with accessible practical examples, games, and assignments. Our training programs are always characterized by a maximum mix of participants, making it easier to explore the Asset Management field together. Participants learn faster, better, and it even makes the training more enjoyable!

All our trainers and training materials are IAM endorsed, which guarantees that they meet the rigorous standards set by the IAM. This ensures that our trainers have the right experience and didactic skills. Furthermore, our trainers devote themselves to updating our training materials regularly to ensure they are current.

Regardless of whether you require fundamental or advanced knowledge of Asset Management and how to implement it within your organization’s context, our trainers are prepared to assist you. We can help you.

IES trainers help you acquire the right knowledge and competencies.

Looking for a customized training? We work with you to establish a common goal based on your requirements, and our approach is always tailored to your unique situation. Our philosophy emphasizes the importance of the people behind the technology, and we aim to achieve lasting change within your organization by prioritizing the human element.


  • Our IAM-endorsed training materials, developed by ourselves.
  • Our experienced IAM-endorsed trainers, with at least 10 years of work experience in Asset Management and excellent didactic skills.
  • Interactive assignments and serious gaming.
  • Supporting case studies.

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