Audits and roadmap

Do your assets comply with legal requirements? Is your Asset Management system functioning properly? Why are certain assets underperforming? And are you prepared for future developments? As a director, you are responsible for the organization’s performance. You need an instrument to monitor and manage it.


Societal and technological developments outside our organization, stakeholders’ need for more insight and transparency into asset and organizational performance, the replacement of assets, and limited financial resources increase the demand for more efficiency and effective use of available resources and better substantiation and accountability for them.

To tackle the developments and challenges ahead, or perhaps even to stay ahead of them, a lot needs to be done on various fronts in the Asset Management organization. But not everything is equally important, and not everything requires immediate attention. Clear insight into where you stand is therefore indispensable to take the right steps forward and set priorities.

At times, it’s necessary to gain a deeper understanding of the overall context. What is the maturity of our organization in terms of Asset Management, and what is needed to reach the next, higher level? And then evaluate it against an established reference framework, such as the ISO 55001 standard. Using this information, you can create a plan that outlines the necessary actions, desired outcomes, and required resources. This plan can be compiled into a roadmap and, if needed, supported by a business case. This enables your organization to take the next step towards a structured development of Asset Management.

Alternatively, you may require more in-depth knowledge about a specific area of the Asset Management system’s performance. This could include reviewing the implementation of contact and supplier management, assessing the Strategic Asset Management Plan, investigating the line of sight within the organization, or examining the justification for the investment portfolio, budget requests, or service provider performance. Conducting a process audit is an effective tool for directors and management. It enables you to identify areas of success, potential risks, and opportunities for improvement.

We offer both Asset Management audits (ISO 55001 GAP analysis) and process audits. In addition to the audit report with conclusions and recommendations, we always provide a starting point for an improvement or implementation plan. For Asset Management audits, we use our Asset Management Workbench®, an IAM-approved assessment tool that is fully ISO 55001 compliant. The tooling is suitable for both group assessments and assessments through interviews. All our auditors are IAM endorsed.

Do you want more insight into the Asset Management maturity of your organization or the performance of the organization in a specific area of the Asset Management system? We can help you.

This results in:

  • Effective control, where the audit results are used as an evaluation moment to improve or create a plan that gives direction to the development of the organization or implementation of Asset Management.
  • Supervision, where the audit results are used to account for actions taken.
  • Compliance with legal obligations.
  • The right decision-making to solve problems or be prepared for the future.
  • Compliance with changing environmental requirements, such as sustainability requirements for circularity and CO2 reduction.
  • An Asset Management system that allows you to steer effective and make well-substantiated decisions.
  • Being in control of the added value of your capital-intensive assets.


A collaboration with IES? We work with you to establish a common goal based on your requirements, and our approach is always tailored to your unique situation. Our philosophy emphasizes the importance of the people behind the technology, and we aim to achieve lasting change within your organization by prioritizing the human element.


  • Group assessments and/or interviews.
  • Asset Management Workbench®, our IAM endorsed assessment tool that is fully ISO 55001 compliant.
  • Asset Intensive Business Operating Model (AIBOM) – a reference model for an Asset Management system based on best practices.
  • Reporting on audit findings, recommendations, and/or a roadmap for implementation or further development of Asset Management.
  • Supporting business case where relevant.

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