Our story

Our expertise in implementing asset management allows us to guide clients in optimizing their added value. This includes both tangible benefits such as financial and operational excellence, as well as intangible benefits such as improving their reputation, taking into account the environment and promoting sustainability. We believe that by working together, we can create a better world.


We take pride in being engineers who specialize in asset management, but with a unique perspective that recognizes that asset management is much more than just applying technical skills and tools. We believe in the power of people behind technology, in the human dimension in organizations. That is why we call our engineers,  sengineers and our working method sengineering. By giving trust, responsibility and space, employees grow and the results of the organisation rise structurally.


Technology is only effective when it is supported by people. That’s why IES is structured into roles that work together within autonomous circles, based on the principles of holacracy. Personal growth and development is an essential part of our holacratic vision. Sengineers understand that there is always more to learn.

We invest in our sengineers and provide them with the space and flexibility to excel in their roles. Through holacracy, our sengineers have the opportunity to take ownership of their talents and use them to benefit both themselves and the organization, resulting in a highly agile organization with autonomous and engaged sengineers who consistently deliver visible value.

As a self-learning organization, we have fostered a culture of learning and growth, where sengineers feel safe to give and receive feedback with a focus on learning and improvement. This has created a vibrant and dynamic work environment where passionate and skilled professionals thrive.


We don’t just provide reports with a fancy bow. Our founders come from the field and have been Asset Managers themselves. In 2003, we decided to combine our knowledge and experience under the name IES Asset Management to help organizations implement asset management. As the years passed, IES grew alongside the development of BSI PAS 55, which in 2014 became the ISO 55000. IES has been a prominent member of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) for many years.

On our 20th anniversary, we became part of AMCL, the world’s largest specialized asset management consultancy. This allows us to offer our clients an even broader range of services and extensive specialist experience. It also enables our sengineers to spread their wings internationally if they wish.


Like Chuck Yeager, a former test pilot who was the first to break the sound barrier in 1947, we are ambitious and constantly pushing the boundaries in our field. Yeager trusted his technical knowledge but also had the courage to step out of his comfort zone. He achieved what onlookers thought was impossible, without being reckless. We take inspiration from his drive and mindset to elevate asset management to new heights.


Working from our home base at BINK36, we serve our clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, and beyond. From smart graduates to experienced asset management experts with diverse interests, we have a team that includes triathletes, sailors, guitarists, a part-time train conductor, and avid festival-goers… We may be a bit unconventional, or at least colorful, but our clients appreciate our integrity, commitment, and expertise. And that is certainly reassuring to hear!

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