Our story

We know Asset Management is more than engineering and tooling. We call our approach sengineering. By giving trust, responsibility and space, employees will grow and business results will improve structurally.

IES – Sengineers of Asset Management


No fancy reports. Our founders come from the field and are experienced Asset Managers. With his experience, business drive and vision Jelle Gernaat founded IES in 2003, bundling our collective knowledge and experience to help organisations implement Asset Management. In the following years IES has been growing along with the development of BSI PAS 55, replaced by ISO 55000 in 2014. In 2010 IES and IJssel Technologie, partner in production improvement, have formed a strategic alliance to improve their position in the market and broaden our service scope.


Jan Mens has guided the development of IES with his human touch since 2012. His experience in Asset Management and as a sports coach make him a valuable sparring partner for the IES professionals and her clients.
But not by standing on the side-lines wearing a tie! Because sengineers work in cross-teams with the clients employees. Thereby enabling our clients to work with Asset Management for themselves and allowing us to move on to a new assignment…


IES is an active member of the IAM and we contribute to the international development of Asset Management. We are, as the first company in the Netherlands, an endorsed PAS 55 certifier and IAM training institute. When designing and providing training sessions and workshops we believe in developing the person behind the technology. Because when your employees grow, your organization grows with them.


We have established a long term work relationship with over 60% of our clients. We can boast a lot of expertise in the Offshore, infrastructure and public transport sectors, but we can add value wherever organisations invest in assets. Even the Efteling, Hollands most famous amusement park, asked us to help them improve their maintenance performance! Our clients tell us we are honest, involved and knowledgeable. And that is nice to hear!

Please find our full story here: Corporate story – IES.pdf