As an asset manager the learning never ends

For many years, IES Asset Management (IES) has been one of the largest players in the field of asset management training courses in the ‘Premier League’ segment. Our training courses do not just discuss asset management theory, but also what you can use it for and how you can get it working specifically in your situation.

The international Institute of Asset Management (IAM) introduced in 2013 the ‘Certificate in Asset Management’. The ‘Diploma in Asset Management’ followed in 2015. Tough exams precede both. The Certificate and Diploma are internationally recognised and prelude to the ‘Registered Asset Management Professional’-title. To prepare for your exam, you can follow our training courses that have been endorsed and tested by IAM. Both as public training and in-company.


As an IAM endorsed trainer, IES has already trained more than eight hundred exam candidates for the Certificate and Diploma since 2014, which is approximately 17% of the total amount of exam candidates worldwide and the end is not yet in sight. The demand is high and the reviews for IES-trainings by participants are on average higher than 8 out of 10. Moreover, as an asset manager you will never stop learning. After individual participants have participated in a public version, the organisations where they work often return with a request for customized in-company training. During an in-company training we prepare the participants for the exam, but we also focus specifically on application within the organisation. Because both training programs have a modular structure, the in-company version can also be organised without taking the exam, the course duration can be reduced and a focus can be placed on a specific subject.


We offer the public version of the IAM Certificate and IAM Diploma training in cooperation with our partner IIR. In addition, we have performed in-company versions of these training courses and variants thereof at, among others, Tennet, Rijkswaterstaat, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Gemeente Súdwest-Fryslân, Enduris, Infraspeed Maintenance, Regiotram Utrecht, APM Terminals, Enexis, Antea, GVB, Provincie Limburg, Movares, HTM, Idhammar (Sweden), SBB (Swiss railways), Irish Rail (Ireland), Port of Rotterdam, ProRail, Radboud UMC, Waterschap Rivierenland, UMC Utrecht and Waterschap Hollandse Delta.


The training provides more insight into the broad context of asset management and how you can apply it in practice in your own work environment. In the end that is the net profit of our training courses. In the workplace we see many pennies drop, but the most important thing is that we help people and organisations a step further by structurally contributing to the improvement of the operating income.

After the training, all employees are on the same wavelength, speak the same language and can continue with the process. This is crucial for implementing and fine-tuning of asset management.


In an in-company training it’s all about the organisation concerned. We’ll discuss specific cases and let employees discover for themselves how the puzzle of asset management fits together within their organisation. After all, asset management is not just a technical story, there are other aspects that come into play: costs and benefits, matters such as safety, legislations and regulations, and not to forget the company objectives. During an in-company training you will be presented with the complete story, tailored to your situation. You will learn to think differently: more like a business economist and less like a technician. You’ll learn how you can minimise the costs for maintenance and how to stay in sync with rules and regulations, and company objectives. Ultimately, you will discover what it takes to chase less and focus more on the long term. The whole organisation will benefit from this.

NEW! Soon IES will also provide the IAM Certificate in Asset Management training as fully fledged e-learning for self-study


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ir. Diederik van Leeuwen

Technical Director