IES trains SBB in asset management

SBB is the national railway company in Switzerland. In total SBB manages over 3000 km of rail and 792 train stations in mountainous area with numerous tunnels, breathtaking bridges and overpasses as well as a large fleet of rolling stock. SBB employs approximately 31,000 people.

In 2014 and 2015 IES, together with partner ZNAPZ, had the privilege to train the first group of asset managers and experts of SBB in Asset Management as part of a larger implementation program. Aiming to further improve the professionalism of the organization and gain new insights.

SBB is known as a decent Swiss company with a good track record in terms of punctuality and safety. However Swiss, like the Germans, have little with the Anglo-Saxon Asset Management, making it a challenge. IES is chosen because we are able to bridge the gap between the Anglo-Saxon and Rhenish worlds, but also because we are able to provide the training in German language.

We used the ‘IAM Certificate in Asset Management’ training which was developed with partner IIR and added some extra in depth details on request of SBB. The final program for SBB is modular and presents a comprehensive overview of Asset Management

During the training the participants perform an assessment of the current state of SBB and present their findings, an improvement plan and business case to the group. This is done for each of the main topics in the course. All participants concluded the training with an official IAM exam. We are proud that that the vast majority of the group passed the exam.

In 2016 SBB, IES and ZNAPZ will continue the training with some new groups of SBB.

Want to learn more about the IAM Asset Management Certificate training? Feel free to contact Diederik van Leeuwen.

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