Railroad to PAS 55 certification for a young public transport authority

Paper presented at the 6th World Congress & Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management at EuroMaintenance, 5-7 May, Helsinki, Finland.

Download the article here.


Increasing professionalization and need of standardization in the field of asset management leads to growing interest in PAS 55 / ISO 55000 certification. Whereas the theoretical side has been discussed extensively, this paper addresses the practical side of implementation of the PAS 55 standard (IAM and BSI, 2008) in a Dutch light rail organization.

This paper evaluates the implementation process to date, about one year before the deadline. This process started with establishing the baseline through an Asset Management assessment. This gap analysis was done in January 2012 and will take approximately 3 years to get the organization from an average “awareness” level 2 to “competence” level 3. Based on the result of the assessment actions were identified that have to be executed and implemented for a successful certification. The paper explains how these actions were bundled in so called ‘work packages’, how progress is monitored and how the project is managed. The experiences so far are shared, including pitfalls. Main topics are; how to cope with the inter-dependency of the work packages, synchronization of the results and the difficulties of executing such a change project simultaneous with day to day business. The paper concludes with some lessons learned.