Asset management game

The implementation of asset management should first and foremost support your organisation’s corporate values and business objectives. And its costs should certainly outweigh the benefits. Besides, it is not always easy to get everyone on the same page and to get the flywheel going. The asset management game takes 2 days and during the preparation we collect information from your organisation which we incorporate into the game. It is pre-eminently suitable if your organisation faces the challenge of increasing performance, drastically reducing costs or securing compliance.


The introduction of asset management requires from you as a manager not only insight into the outlines of what asset management as a control framework means for the process, roles and performance. Asset management can lead to significant improvements in results, but only if the management shows leadership in the change process that this entails. It therefore also asks something of you and your management team.

In the two-day asset management game, you and your team playfully investigate the added value of asset management,  the various factors that contribute to or detract from a successful implementation of asset management, and how asset management can help your organisation realise its business objectives.

For whom?

We have developed the asset management game especially for managers and management teams in asset management organisations. Participants assume roles of managers in an imaginary organisation that owns and manages capital-intensive assets and works with contractors in a changing environment with a variety of tough stakeholders. Of course there are problems. Performance of assets is disappointing, contractors do not deliver what they promise, roles are not clear, we take too much or too little control, assumptions are made, there is influence from higher levels of management with their own agendas, employees grumble and seem to do their own thing, cooperation is limited and mainly opportunistic and delivered performance is not transparent.

So how do you get it right?

In order to have the asset management game optimally fit your organisation, it is best to discuss this in person. Come and have a cup of coffee or call for an appointment and we will be happy to visit you.

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