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Everyone is special, of course, and that also applies to organisations. You may have a need to broaden or deepen your knowledge in a specific area of maintenance or asset management. The possibilities are very varied: from half-day workshops to five-day training courses or more. In a tailor-made training course, we have every opportunity to integrate cases or examples from your environment into the training program and to highlight certain subjects and focus on a current situation or problem.

You can think of training on topics such as:

  • Concise “asset management workshops” from a half-day to 1 day, in which we will address a specific topic that fits into your implementation process. We will alternate a theoretical basis on the subject with a practical application in your situation. The way to take the implementation of asset management further!
  • ISO 55000 workshop”, in which we discuss in a practical way what you have to comply with if you want to be ISO 55001 certified.
  • Training “Cooperating in asset management”, In which participants put the various asset management roles into practice by jointly designing, building and using a construction, including a maintenance plan and a risk analysis. This training is particularly suitable for larger groups and takes place outside (or in a large hall).
  • The “Asset Management Theatre” is specifically aimed at large groups of, for example, 50 to 100 participants, who in 1 day explore asset management together and gain more insight into each other’s working methods and qualities. The Asset Management Theatre is particularly suitable as a start of an asset management implementation process. In the asset management theatre, we work with actors who reenact situations from your company. Recognisable yet different.
  • For ‘Maintenance concepts/FMECA’ we design small-scale workshops in which, besides the theoretical background, we mainly deal with the application of the methodology to assets of your organisation. So that your employees learn by doing.
  • We have experience with numerous training courses on many other sub-topics of asset management, such as e.g. work preparation & planning, audits, maintenance contracts, information management, KPIs

Our tailor-made trainings are interactive and you explore the concepts and methods in a practical way. We prefer to work in small groups with plenty of room to explore the subject together.

In order to ensure the best possible fit with your organisation, it is best to discuss this in person. Come and have a cup of coffee or call for an appointment and we will be happy to visit you.

Tailor-made asset management training?

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