Improving availability j-lay tower for Heerema marine contractors

Lead time: 8 months

Heerema Marine Contractors operates one of the biggest fleets of large off shore cranes and pipe laying vessels in the world. Heerema asked IES Asset Management to compose work instructions for the maintenance activities on the J-lay tower of crane- and pipe laying vessel De Balder.

IES drew up work instructions for all critical maintenance tasks. All maintenance tasks were evaluated together with Heerema. After that, the work instructions were inserted into the Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) of Heerema. As a result of this project, IES and Heerema expect the availability of the J-lay tower to be improved with 7 days annually. The daily turnover of this installation is estimated at € 1.000.000,-.

To write up work instructions, the existing maintenance concept was used as the basis. This maintenance concept was previously developed by IES and describes, amongst others, the preventive maintenance tasks. Based on the analysis of the consequences of suboptimal execution of tasks, difficulty of the task, the probability of failure and the consequence of failure, IES made a risk analysis for all preventive maintenance tasks. To prevent a lot of administration, IES only focused on the tasks with significant risk towards safety and operability. For all critical maintenance tasks, work instructions are developed. This way, the asset manager of the system, has a transparent overview of the risks that are applicable on the employees during their work.

Source: Huisman Equipment bv