Do you want to apply for the formal IAM “Diploma in Asset Management” exam or do you need a good refresher? Then our flagship training course is definitely for you.

The ‘Certificate in Asset Management’ was introduced by the international industry association Institute of Asset Management (IAM) in 2013. The ‘Diploma in Asset Management’ followed in 2015. These are qualifications that indicate what you should know about asset management. And your knowledge is tested by means of a tough formal online exam given by the IAM. If you pass the exam, you will receive the internationally recognised ‘IAM Certificate in Asset Management’ or the ‘IAM Diploma in Asset Management’.

The 4-day “IAM Diploma in Asset Management” training course cover the IAM qualifications in full, allowing you to prepare well for the exam. Furthermore, we have added a lot of additional material, practical examples and tools, so that it will not remain a theoretical exercise, but will allow you to be able to apply the material in your own environment.

The last 2 days of the training we will play the asset management game, in which the Diploma topic  ‘decision-making’ in particular will be explored.

The groups have a maximum of 15 participants, so participants can exchange plenty of information and experience without it becoming a lecture.

The training is also supported by a wonderful e-learning environment, with basic theory, films and additional background information. To ensure that even more attention can be paid in the lessons to the practical application of asset management.

As a participant of these training courses, you will also receive a voucher to participate in the group exam that will be organised for you. If you wish, you can also use the voucher to take an individual exam at a PearsonVUE test centre. There is always a PearsonVUE test centre near you.

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More information about the training courses? Download the brochure  with a detailed description of the training program and dates for “IAM Diploma in Asset Management” training course via IIR.

The training can also be carried out as an in-company training for your organisation. If you wish, we can tailor the training completely to your organisation and deal with specific subjects that are relevant to you. In order to ensure the best possible fit with your organisation, it is best to discuss this in person. Come and have a cup of coffee or call for an appointment and we will be happy to visit you. See also tailor-made training.

Asset management training with IAM exam?

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